Voice Banking

MVFCU's Voice Banking is a 24 hour, automated phone system that allows you to manage your accounts with real time account integration.  Whether you're looking to check your account balance, listen to your transaction history or transfer funds, MVFCU's Voice Banking makes it convenient and is easy to use. 


MVFCU's Voice Banking includes both touch tone and speech recognition capabilities, so you can choose to respond to the prompts by touch or voice, whichever is most convenient for you.  With the touch tone option, you simply use your phones keypad to enter in the user name and PIN, then respond by touch to the voice prompts to complete your transactions. The speech recognition option uses sophisticated voice recognition technology that enables you to get to the functions you want by literally “asking.”


Locked out of Voice Banking?  You can log into online banking and unlock your account anytime, anywhere.


Your voice banking password must be:

  • numeric value
  • between 4 and 10 digits
  • cannot repeat the same character 3 times in a row
  • must not be the same as your Voice Banking username

First Time with the New Voice Banking System?

Click Here for step-by-step instructions on enrolling and registering

Phone Numbers

507-387-3088 local
877-886-9100 toll free

Login Process

Have questions about logging in?  A MVFCU representative would be happy to walk you through the login process.  Call 507-387-3055 or stop in and we will assist you with your account setup.

Mobile Banking

Calling from your smart phone?  Do you know about the My Mobile MVFCU App available in the iTunes and Google Play Stores? Now you can do your banking on your smart phone!

Available in Spanish

The touchtone version of Voice Banking is also available for Spanish speaking members.  Voice recognition is not available in Spanish.


To learn more about Voice Banking: CLICK HERE


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