What Your Business Needs

It's important to have funds available in the event an opportunity arises, equipment breaks, or revenue doesn't come in as planned.  For all the reasons that borrowing becomes necessary, Minnesota Valley is here to see you through.  We'll arrange your loan or line of credit quickly with the right terms and flexibility to help you make your business prosper.

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Overdraft Protection

Your Business Banking Begins Here

We appreciate your interest in Minnesota Valley's business loan solutions!  Please provide the following documents and information for your loan request.

  1. Complete Business Loan Application and Individual Financial Statement
  2. Three years of Business Financial Statements
    - Income Statements (or "Profit and Loss Statement")
  3. Three years of Individual Federal Tax Returns containing all schedules for all guarantors
  4. Copy of Partnership Agreement, Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization
  5. Purchase order/ purchase agreement for collateral being acquired

*If you are interested in acquiring an existing business, please acquire three years of Financial Statements and Business Tax Returns from the current business owners.

**If you are looking to start up a new business, please be sure to supply a Business Plan along with the above applicable documents.

For more information, please call (507) 387-3055 or toll-free at (800) 247-0522.  You can also email with your questions.