New Voice Banking


and Registration


There are many great features and benefits of the new Voice Banking system. Here are step-by-step instructions for enrolling and registering for the first time.

Even if you used the A.R.T. system, you will need to re-enroll in the new Voice Banking System. The most important thing when registering for the first time is to listen to the instructions you hear when you call.

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Follow these instructions on how to register.

1. You will hear the greeting, then it will ask you to either press the * key, or will ask you if you have previously enrolled in the telephone banking system. Even if you were enrolled in A.R.T. you will answer by responding “No.”

2. It will then have you key in your user ID. This is your member number. Enter in your member number, then press #. You do not enter in the first two letters of your last name as you did with the A.R.T. system.

3. You will then be asked to key in your PIN code. Enter in your PIN then press #. This is the same as it was for A.R.T. If you do not remember your PIN code, call 507-387-3055 to have someone reset it for you.

4. It will then have you register the phone number you will usually call from. If the number you called from is the number you will usually use you say “Yes.” Or select “1”. If you will usually call from another number, key in your 10-digit phone number, including the area code.

5. It will ask if the number is your cell phone, if so press “1”, if home press “2”, if work press “3”. You may then register additional phone numbers if you would like.

6. You will then need to choose 3 security questions to answer. You can choose from 6 options. To speed up your process, it is best if you know which questions you will answer and have the answers ready. You may choose from the following questions:

  • Oldest sibling’s birthday (press 1)
  • Youngest sibling’s birthday (press 2)
  • Number of grandchildren (press 3)
  • Number of pets you had before you were 10 (press 4)
  • · Number of schools you attended (press 5)
  • · Your anniversary (press 6)

Once you have set up the security questions, you should not have to answer a security question when you call from registered phone numbers.

7. You will now have to change your password/PIN code. It will have you enter in the new password/PIN code 2 times to ensure accuracy.


Your voice banking password must be:

  • numeric value
  • between 4 and 10 digits
  • cannot repeat the same character 3 times in a row
  • must not be the same as your Voice
  • Banking username

You are now registered to use the Voice Banking System!