Bill Pay

About Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is the easy way to pay your bills with the click of a button. Most bills are paid electronically however some are paid by check.

You can conveniently make a payment in seconds directly from your account by selecting who you want to pay and the payment amount. Set up reminders with each payment so you don't forget to pay and become past due. Schedule payments in advance so you can rest assured that payments will be made on time. Use Bill Pay for free for up to 10 transactions per month, after that just pay 50 cents per transaction.

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Track Your Spending

Bill Pay keeps things organized in our online banking account so you can easily track you finances. You can see past payments that you have made and the previous payment dates. Do you want to see trends in your bills? YOu can search payees and select payment ranges and compare payment amounts from previous months and create reports.

How to Enroll

To enroll in online bill pay you must have a checking account at MVFCU.  If you have a checking account and have not yet signed up for Bill Payer, simply login to MVFCU Online Banking, select the Bill Pay tab and accept the disclosure.

We hope you find the system straightforward and easy to use.

If you have questions about bill pay us call 507-387-3055 or email

Bill Pay Tips

  • The date you are asked to select is the date to initiate the transfer. The money is withdrawn from your checking account at the end of that business day.
  • Allow up to 3 business days for electronic payments to be received and processed.

    Allow up to 6 business days for check payments to be received and processed.

  • If electronic payments are available for your payee the system will update the payee within 48 hours.
  • Bill Payments are sent at the END of the business day in which you request the payment to be sent.
  • Payments will NOT be sent if you do not have sufficient funds.
  • Online bill pay is service offered to MVFCU Members with Checking Accounts. You are allowed 10 FREE transactions per month. Each transaction over 10 could cost 50 cents.
  • Maximum Payment amount of $10,000.00