Patronage Dividend

Patronage Dividend

 As we kick off the new year we want to thank our members for being a part of our MVFCU community. 

The Patronage Dividend is your extra slice for being an active Credit Union Member. It is a distribution that we pay to our members. This dividend is given based on proportion of profit made by MVFCU. This year there will be $90,000 of profit returned to our member-owners. 

The dividend is paid to members with active accounts in good standing, and is based on several 2020 factors, including: interest paid on loans, dividends earned on deposit products, active use of debit cards and length of membership.

Look at your December statement. If you were paid a patronage dividend for your loyalty to MVFCU, you will see a deposit labeled 2020 MVFCU YES BONUS COOP PATRONGAGE DIV.

It Pays to Bank Where You’re Part Owner®