Get it BEFORE you go

When you're traveling out of the country there is a good chance you'll need foreign currency as soon as your plane touches down.  Most international airports have ATM's available, but this isn't always the case.  It's a good idea to have some local currency on hand even before you leave home.

MVFCU's foreign currency program lets you buy foreign currency BEFORE you go.  Simply visit the website below.  Select the country you will be visiting and how much foreign currency you would like to purchase. Members have the option of selling back foreign currency if they originally ordered from MVFCU's  program.

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MVFCU Reloadable Cards Available

Don't want to get your cash before you go and don't want to take your debit card.  MVFCU offers a Reloadable VISA Card as a safe way to travel.  Some benefits of the reload card are:

  • Makes withdrawals from an ATM
  • Load what you want (up to $5,000).  If you need more you can "reload" the card.
  • Protects the money in your savings and checking account by allowing you to leave your debit card in the states.