About Business checking

It's important to have funds available in the event an opportunity arises, equipment breaks or revenue doesn't come in as planned.  No matter what size your business is or how big your dream, Minnesota Valley is here to see you through!  We've got the terms & flexibility to help you make your business prosper.

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Small Business Accounts

  • No minimum balance
  • Limit 10 checks or 10 deposits per month (including ACH transactions)
  • Limit 5 ATM withdrawals per month
  • $5 fee if member goes over 10 transaction
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Medium Business Accounts

  • Limit 50 checks and deposits (including ACH transactions)
  • Limit 10 ATM withdrawals per month
  • $5 monthly service fee
  • Additional $7 monthly fee if balance falls below $500 or transactions exceed limits.
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Large Business Accounts

  • Minimum balance of $1,000 to open.  After funds are available - No minimum balance is required.
  • More than 50 checks or deposits per month (including ACH transactions)
  • $15 service fee a month