Online Credit Card

Access Your Account

Online Credit Card allows you to manage your MVFCU Credit Card.  View current transactions, previous month's history, sign up to receive your payment electronically, make a payment today or schedule a reoccuring payment for a later date.

How to Enroll

CLICK HERE to begin the enrollment process.  You will need to have your card present to enroll.

Schedule Your Payment

When you enroll in ONLINE Credit Card you can schedule your payment to pull for the minimum payment, full payment, unbilled balance or a flat dollar amount. 

Get Your Statement Electronically

Estatements are a faster, more secure way to receive your Credit Card statement.  In fact, eStatements arrive as many as 7 days sooner than paper statements.  You can download your statement and save it or if you just like to have a hard copy print it.


Forgot Your Password?

If you forgot your ONLINE Credit Card password you can re-enroll at any time.  If you need assistance enrolling your account please call 800-234-5354.

Account Questions?

If you would like to speak with someone regarding your account please call 507-387-3055.

Great Rate. No Gimmicks.

The Minnesota Valley Credit Card offers a great low rate with no games or gimmicks.  


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