Minnesota Valley Credit Union

Online Banking Upgrade

What's Changed?

  • Login page changed to MVFCU homepage www.mnvalleyfcu.coop
  • Login Bypass code if you forget your security questions.
  • Secure login download
  • Secure Messaging
  • Improved back end functionality for MVFCU staff.
  • Updated menu look

What's in the Works?

  • Downloadable App
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Person to person payments
  • Improved loan payment functionality


Login Reminder

Occasionally you will get a login reminder when you login to online banking.  This is a simple way for us to keep our members up to date on new products, changes to existing products and upcoming events at MVFCU.  After you have read the reminder simply click through to online banking. 

Login Page Changed

To remove one click from the login process we've moved the online banking login page to MVFCU's homepage of www.mnvalleyfcu.coop

If you had the old login page bookmarked you will want to update that bookmark to www.mnvalleyfcu.coop and look for the Online Banking Login block.

Secure Messaging

Have a question about your account?  You can now send secure messages through online banking to the MVFCU staff.  Sending a secure message allows us to verify your identity and keeps all of your financial information in one secure location.

Login Bypass Code

Have you ever forgot the answer to your security question and had to call MVFCU to reset it?  Now you'll be able to take care of it yourself by sending a bypass code. 

When you get to step 2 of the login process you will have the option to send a bypass code to your email address on file.  Once you receive the code select Enter My Bypass Code and proceed to step 3.  Emailed bypass codes are only valid for 15 minutes.

Secure login download

Create an icon on your desktop that goes directly to your personal Online Banking login screen.  This eliminates the need for you to enter your account number and answer the security question.  This should only be used from your personal computer.

To setup a secure login download visit the options menu.

Improved back end functionality for MVFCU staff.

Not that it really matters to you, but it makes our lives easier.

Updated menu look and feel


CLICK HERE to login.