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MoonDogs Fit presented by Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union

Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union is proud to be the presenting sponsor for the new Mankato MoonDogs FIT program which is now entering it's second year. 

MoonDogs Fit is sponsored by the MoonDogs and Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union and will promote healthy living and eating at the ACES facilities this summer. The program allows the MoonDogs players to put down their baseball gloves for a couple hours and put on a teaching cap. They will spend a span of three weeks, teaching three lessons during a total of six sessions, at four of the ACES sites teaching the students about making healthy choices through active lesson plans.

ACES is a school age child care program provided by the Mankato Area Public Schools Community Education & Recreation Department. ACES offers before and after school care as well as full and half day care on non school days for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. The ACES summer program offers care for children going into kindergarten through 7th grade.

The MoonDogs started their season on May 28th. Tickets are now on sale at the MoonDogs office located at 1221 Caledonia Street and online at www.mankatomoondogs.com

The MoonDogs, MVFCU, and ACES will hold their Fit Wrap-up event on July 31st at Franklin Rogers ball park for the MoonDogs game. Come support MVFCU, ACES and the MoonDogs Fit program!

About MoonDogs Fit

The MoonDogs Fit program courtesy of Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union utilizes MoonDogs players off the field to teach overall fitness as a positive impact to our youth. Through community involvement we promote regular physical activity with happy and healthy lifestyle choices.

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LESSON 1 - Healthy Eating

You don’t have to be an athlete to eat healthy.  Eating healthy affects many things in your life like body weight & energy levels.  During the lesson the MoonDogs players discussed how to eat healthy, what foods are best to eat and how often should we eat these foods.

LESSON 2 - Benefits of Movement

MoonDogs players discussed the 3 elements of fitness, endurance, strength & flexibility.  Movement helps build stronger bones and muscles, better self esteem, reduce health risks (such as diabetes, lower blood pressure, obesity), happier life, more endurance, etc.

LESSON 3 - Being a Team Player

MoonDogs discussed how being a team player fits into their lives and roles as baseball players. They shared their experiences playing with good team players, and bad team players and how being a team player doesn’t just apply to playing sports.