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eStatements are a faster, more secure way to receive your MVFCU statement.  In fact, eStatements arrive as many as 7 days sooner than paper statements.  You can download your statement and save it or if you just like to have a hard copy, you can print it.

CLICK HERE to sign into Online Banking and sign up for eStatements.

Access Anywhere. Anytime.

You can access your eStatements anywhere you can access online banking.  And because eStatements are located inside of online banking, you can access your statements anytime.

eStatement Questions?

Do you have questions about eStatements?  Check out our eStatements FAQ below.  If you still have questions please call us at 507-387-3055 or email



What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic version of your paper statement.

How do eStatements Work?

Instead of receiving a paper statement through the mail you'll now log in to MVFCU's Online Banking to access your statement electronically.  You will receive an email notification when your statement is available.

Will I still get a paper statement if I enroll in eStatements?

No.  When you enroll in eStatements you will no longer receive paper statements.

Are eStatements Secure?

Security is one of the many benefits of eStatements.  MVFCU places the highest value on your personal information.  You can only access your statements through Online Banking and it's multi-layered authentication.  eStatements also eliminate the possibility of statements being lost or tampered with in the mail.

How much history do eStatements retain?

eStatements will retain your most recent 18 months of statements.

Do I need specific software to receive eStatements?

You will need to be able to read a PDF document.  If you are unable to view the eStatement CLICK HERE to download & install the FREE Adobe Reader.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

To receive eStatements you must be an Online Banking user.  When you've signed into online banking select the statements option under the Account Menu.

Is there a charge for eStatments?

MVFCU offers eStatements FREE of charge.  eStatements actually cost MVFCU significantly less than paper statements.

How do I know if my eStatement is Ready?

You will receive an email notification when your eStatement is ready for review.  Typically you receive this no later than the 3rd day of the month.

Will I still receive year end tax statements?

Yes, any year end tax statement will be mailed to you.

Did You Know?

When you receive eStatements you save MVFCU as much as 50 cents per month.  If all 10,000+ MVFCU members used eStatements that would be a whole lot of savings.  And because MVFCU is member owned we can turn around and use those savings to provide better rates and offer services that give you a better banking experience.

Having Login Issues?

- If you have forgot your authentication questions, contact MVFCU for assistance.  Call 507-387-3055 (toll free 800-247-0522) or email


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