Minnesota Valley Credit Union

E-Send Money

MVFCU’s E-Send Money is a low cost person-to-person (P2P) and account-to-account (A2A) funds transfer solution.  This easy-to-use service allows you to conveniently and securely send a payment or request a payment from another person anywhere, at any time, using only the recipient’s e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Don’t send a check or even visit an ATM for cash.  With E-Send Money you can move money between your MVFCU Checking Account and accounts at another Credit Union or Bank.  You can also send or receive money from another person electronically via email or text message.

Why E-Send?

  • E-Send is a faster, more secure way to pay another person, without having to exchange confidential bank information, write a check or visit an ATM.
  • Easily send a payment to or receive a payment from another person via e-mail or SMS text message.
  • Allows you to not only send and receive payments from other people, but also move money to and from your MVFCU Checking Account to your own accounts at different financial institutions.
  • Transfers can be set up one-time, recurring or future-dated money movement between accounts.


Practical Uses

  • Moving money between your accounts at different financial institutions
  • Sending money to your child or giving a gift to a family member
  • Receiving payment from a friend for dinner or a movie
  • Paying the babysitter, dog walker, house cleaner or other household help
  • Requesting payment for an item sold or services performed


Follow the three steps below to enroll in E-Send.

1. Login to MVFCU's Secure Online Banking.
2. Click the E-Send Money link under the transfer menu.
3. Enroll in the E-Send Money Service.

Transfer Limits

Type of TransferMaximum
Minimum Transfer Amount$10.00
Maximum Transfers Pay Day3
Cost Per Transfer*$1.00
Express Transfer Cost*$5.00

*Transfer fee is added to the debit amount

Transfer Amounts

LevelMaximum Transfer Amount  per week
Level 1$300.00
Level 2$1,000.00
Level 3$2,000.00
Level 4$5,000.00

When you first sign up for E-Send you will be at Transfer Level 1.  To request an increased level print this form and return it to MVFCU at our Mankato Offices, fax 507-387-5235 or email onlinealert@mnvalleyfcu.coop.

Shared Branching

Shared Branching gives you access to your MVFCU accounts at over 5,050 locations throughout all 50 States.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Transfers and Requests

Transfers and requests are valid for 7 days.  If a payment is not accepted within 7 days