Minnesota Valley Credit Union

Check Cards

Check Cards

Check (also know as Debit) Cards have become something most people can't live without.  The Minnesota Valley VISA Check Card is the safest, fastest and most efficient payment option available today.  It looks like a credit card but works like a check.  Present your VISA Check Card for payment of goods or services, and the money is withdrawn directly from your checking account.

Gift Cards

Always the correct size and never out of style, a VISA Gift Card from MVFCU is the perfect gift to give.  This pre-paid card can be loaded with anywhere from $5-$750.  Cards cost $2.95 and are available at both MVFCU offices.

MVFCU Reloadable Cards Available

Don't want to get your cash before you go and don't want to take your debit card.  MVFCU offers a Reloadable VISA Card as a safe way to travel.  Some benefits of the reload card are:

  • Makes withdrawals from an ATM
  • Load what you want (up to $5,000).  If you need more you can "reload" the card.
  • Protects the money in your savings and checking account by allowing you to leave your debit card in the states.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the MVFCU Reloadable debit card.

Credit Card

 We don't play games with our MasterCard Credit Card.  Other cards may have hidden fees or jumping interest rates that skyrocket after only a few months.  We offer low rates, payment grace periods and no annual fee on a card accepted anywhere MasterCard is.  CLICK HERE to visit our Credit Cards Page.

What's my PIN? 

Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number.  This number is unique to your card and should only be shared with authorized signers on your account.

Can I Change My PIN?

YES!  You can change your PIN on your MVFCU Debit Card by visiting our Adams Street Office.  If you do not remember your current PIN you will need photo identification to verify your identity.  If you have a joint account, changing the PIN for one card will change the PIN for both cards.

For a MVFCU MasterCard Credit Card you can call 1-888-891-2435 to change the PIN number. 


- If you have questions, contact MVFCU for assistance.  Call 507-387-3055 (toll free 800-247-0522) or email msa@mnvalleyfcu.coop.